Lose yourself in the music...

Eminem changes the game with augmented reality at Coachella and his 2018 tour - blowing the crowd away with jaw dropping visuals never seen before in an Eminem live set. Pushing the boundaries in true Marshall Mathers style.  Legendary.

The app includes two AR experiences for fans to try out at home including a portal into Shady's World - but the real highlight of his app is what you can do at live shows. Geo-tagged and time-coded AR experiences allow fans to use their phones to expand the concert experience in a brand new way. 

How it works?

Fans download the Eminem Augmented app.  During the show, while holding their phones up and watching the show through their screens, as fans do, an icon pops up on their screen.  When fans click on the icon their reality explodes.  Rather than missing out on experiencing the show in the present, their experience is added to, and increased, in a visually stunning and sometimes terrifying entirely new way.  An impressive move from an impressive man - with his finger always on the political pulse.

“We figured, if the phones are going to be there and people are going to be putting them up in the air and looking at them anyway why don’t we provide a way to maybe change the way they’re perceiving the show,” says Def Jam chief executive (and Eminem manager ), Paul Rosenberg.

With police sirens blazing, Eminem appears like a giant rap god, high above the stage, swatting at helicopters King Kong style.  Yes - give us more!  "Kill you" plays with its R-rated lyrics and a terrifyingly giant Jason-esque mask slices and dices at the crowd with a chainsaw and meat cleaver.  Eminem never fails to give his fans the goods!

'White America' plays with the US flag flying high, and rocket ships taking off to the sky - 'What the (bleep) are these visuals - they are on a whole new level' one fan tweets.  It is clear Eminem is leading the way, renowned for speaking on behalf of the people with his words that slam and expose Trump, and now his augmented reality app that has taken the traditional concert to new heights.  

Watch Eminem's Augmented Reality App in action here live at Coachella 2018

Kill you - Eminem live preview